Running around the house.  Prancing.  Dancing.  Singing.  This was my childhood; your childhood; perhaps even your parents’ childhood.  I could recite line for line and reenact the entire Lion King Movie by the time I entered Kindergarten.  It’s okay if Pocahontas or Beauty and The Beast was your favorite.  Everyone has a favorite Disney movie.


The aforementioned can be labeled as “name recognition.”  Walt Disney Corporation, founded in October 1923 by the very famous Walt Disney has been with many of us all our lives.  A small breakdown of Walt Disney Co’s expansion below will show you just how long…

-Mickey Mouse (1930’s)

-Disneyland (1955)

-DisneyWorld (1971)

-EuroDisney (1992)

-Tokyo Disney (2000)

-Hong Kong Disney (2005)

Remember this: Disney has been around since the 1930’s.  Now think about this- the World Wide Web was invented in 1991.  So how did Disney survive for those 60+ years?  Easy.  It’s old fashion.  Before the web, Disney had reached every media outlet- magazines, shorts, T.V. shows, and movies.  In addition, the theme parks Disneyland and DisneyWorld made Disney a “tangible” concept.  Everything that its publics had known about Disney came to life by 1955.

Mickey Mouse is and has always been synonymous with Walt Disney.  The two go hand in hand like PB&J.  Icons like Mickey Mouse and Cinderella’s castle are what has built Disney’s magic over the past 80+ years.  The introduction of international theme park’s like Tokyo Disney has caused this overwhelming influx of followers world wide.

One can agree that Disney uses the internet for things such as advertisements, travel reservations, children’s entertainment, and much more.  But, it certainly hasn’t meant the digression of the use of other media outlets.  Besides, why would Disney leave behind all the medium’s that have helped build up its corporation since its creation?

Imagine this:  With the invention of the World Wide Web in 1991, Disney has decided to eliminate all Disney movies, TV shows, and books.

Yeah right.  I hope you’re laughing at such a silly idea.

So many companies in the corporate world nowadays are folding to those traditional media outlets because of the internets growing power.  We can all simultaneously nod our heads when I say that Disney isn’t just another corporate company.  Each time the internet “strikes” those corporate giants, a few go weak at the knees and crumble, but Disney on the other hand has seen its profits rise again and again in this millennium because of those TRADITIONAL MEDIA OUTLETS (i.e. TV shows, movies, etc.)

Don’t misconstrue the message here: Disney can thank the internet for some of its success, but it’s the name recognition Walt Disney Corporation carries as well as its reliance on tradition that have led the way.  Disney has gone from a national entity to a world wide collaboration.

Believe it or not, Disney will survive the next blow if ever the internet fails.  It will not lose focus of its mission.  It will not suffer from internet withdrawal.  And it will not trick itself into self-combusting because of a “network error” sign.

Disney, is truly timeless.

Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.

-Walt Disney