Take a look at this pyramid:

Although I drew this picture from a random website, it outlines the primeval internet contribution proportions perfectly.  Notice I said “primeval”?  Yeah, I’m referring to “primeval” as only a couple years ago.

Long lost are the days of those “primeval” online communities.  The development of Andrew Weinberger’s philosophy in the past couple years has gripped and taken the internet by force.

News is a conversation.

The 90 percent Lurkers are in the past: in the new age of technology everyone participates.  The web is comprised of a massive amount of contributors- young, old, white, black- if you have an opinion, you have a place in the web.

The aforementioned is not to imply that contributors are the only thing that’s changed on the internet.  The online community is handed specialized, personal, communal content on a silver platter.

Picture a point guard in basketball: he has specific leadership qualities.  He’s on the shorter side and quick.  But, he’s also a part of a bigger picture- the entire basketball team.

Internet content is a lot like the point guard.  Now the web isn’t one big team, but rather “fragmented”  into smaller teams.  For example, social networking, One Tree Hill, and fantasy football are all different teams.  And what’s one thing each team has in common?

To be the best.

So let’s throw it out there: Apple, Inc. is one of the best teams in the market today.  There are forums and discussions dedicated to their success as well as demise.  There are hundreds upon hundreds of articles that mention the company.  And it’s huge popularity has people at the edge of their seats wanting more and more.

It should come as no surprise that Apples cutting edge technology has transformed from a “luxury  item” to a “must have necessity”.

“Dad, I need an Iphone to do my homework” is just one of the many articles touching on the Iphone addiction.  Another Apple customer has the worst problem of all- his 3 year old daughter has already proved her obsession when she wakes up from her naps whispering, “Where’s my Iphone?”

This world of personalized applications, Iphone-reliant individuals, and web-contributing fiends has sucked the reality out of our society.  I’d like to take this time to confirm that yes, Apple has been a key-player in this transition.

The Apple community can be considered a distracted bunch.  The company’s technology is like the “shiny shiny”, “hey look over here” Aldous Huxley concept.

You thought the “1984” (Orwell) governmental tyranny concept was bad?  Well what say you when we’re all too distracted by the Iphone 6 to notice reality deteriorating all around us?